Transport tank with 2 or 3 separate compartments, cylindrical, horizontal axis, fixed on vehicle or mobile. Designed to transport more liquids, with large vehicles, from one company to another, maintaining a very low load and balanced weight.


With just one tank it allows you to transport different liquids thanks to separate compartments.

They are equipped with an inspection cover, drain valve and level indicators for each compartment. The partitioning is ensured by separating diaphragms, composed of a bottom and a self-cleaning counter-bottom. They rest on a self-supporting stainless steel saddle, which can be forked with a forklift. Clamps for clamping and anti-overturning on the vehicle positioning plane ensure maximum stability during each phase of handling and transport.

סוג חומר:

AISI 304 L


Only to order

גימור חיצוני למכלי פלדת האל-חלד:

Marble finish

גימור פנימי למכלי פלדת האל-חלד:

Mirror polished

גימור הלחמה (חיצוני):


גימור הלחמת האביזרים (פנימי):

Mirror polished


Ø and model on request


Su sella


Storage, Transport

מוצרים מעובדים:

Chemical liquids, Cosmetic liquids, Creams, Essences, Essential oils, Liquidi alimentari, Perfumes, Petroleum Derivatives, Pharmaceutical liquids, Wine

  • Storage
  • Transport

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