Tank equipped with an automatic, temperature-controlled, patented replacement system for large fermenters. Remount large masses of must; ideal for cryomaceration, batonnage, malolactic fermentation and cold clarification since. Being temperature-controlled, once placed at the center of large fermenters, even those that are not temperature controlled (such as those in cement), it perfectly conditions the temperature of musts or wines during reassembly starting from the center (which is the hottest point). It can be applied on all new or existing stainless steel or concrete tanks.


Very useful in various conditions: for the reassembly and conditioning of large masses of musts on the cap of marc; to condition large quantities of wine in storage; for mixing large quantities of wine; to dissolve chemicals; to prepare the wine masses for bottling; to homogenize the masses of wine for sampling. It is the only one in the world that can carry out cold maceration, batonnage and cold clarification processes in large new or existing large stainless steel tanks that are not temperature controlled or in cement.

It is the most economic and revolutionary system for reassembling, moving large masses of thermoconditioned musts over the cap of pomace during the reassembly phase. It avoids the overpressure of the fermenting must under the cap of marc because its structure causes the natural CO2 of the fermentation to be vented upwards, avoiding the creation of dangerous pressures inside the large fermenters.

Ø (mm): 1580
גובה כולל (מ"מ): 4000
HL (הקטוליטר, מאה ליטרים): 50
סוג חומר: AISI 304 L / AISI 316 L
זמינות: Opportunity
גימור חיצוני למכלי פלדת האל-חלד: Marble finish
גימור פנימי למכלי פלדת האל-חלד: Mirror polished
גימור הלחמה (חיצוני): Satin
גימור הלחמת האביזרים (פנימי): Mirror polished
גג: Conical 10 °
פיר: Decentralized
דלת: Rectangular / Elliptical
שסתומים: Ø and model on request
רגליים: Fixed
  • Fermentation
  • Cryomaceration
  • Batonnage

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