Small watertight mobile container for storing small quantities of products from different sectors, such as concentrates and essences.


These stainless steel containers allow the products to be hermetically stored. The high manageability allows them to be placed on shelves; they can contain various products based on the sector in which they operate (for example essences and concentrated products). Of great versatility and usefulness also for the conservation of various process liquids.

Small airtight storage container, which can be positioned on the shelf, it is useful to handle different types of concentrates and perfumes; in this way it is possible to organize in an efficient and flexible way the raw materials warehouse, indispensable for the industry of every sector and size.

Ø (mm): 430
גובה כולל (מ"מ): 700 (1200)
HL (הקטוליטר, מאה ליטרים): 75 litri
סוג חומר: AISI 304 L
זמינות: Prompt delivery
גימור חיצוני למכלי פלדת האל-חלד: Marble finish
גימור פנימי למכלי פלדת האל-חלד: Mirror polished
גימור הלחמה (חיצוני): Satin
גימור הלחמת האביזרים (פנימי): Mirror polished
גג: Conical
שסתומים: Ø and model on request
רגליים: Mobili (opzionali)
  • Storage
  • Handling

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